Just about everybody changes Internet Service Providers (ISPs), at some time, because of service quality or other issues. It’s worth thinking about the service you’re getting. The best ISPs are real assets, problem solvers and highly supportive when you need help in a hurry.

Good ISPs deliver reliable service, tech support, reliable advice, and information.

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“Well, isn’t that what they’re supposed to do?” you ask?

Yes it is, but some ISPs don’t actually deliver. They’re not all that helpful, and you can find out how unhelpful they are when you need service. Change of address is a typical case in point. This simple process is part of their own basic business, and you may have to jump through hoops to simply notify them.

Usually, the trouble is that many ISPs are also telcos, phone companies, or similar businesses. The ISP role is a sort of secondary function. They tend to think and act like phone companies, and that’s where the problems start.

The wrong way to manage a change of address for an account is to turn it in to a bureaucratic exercise. All they need to do is update the address, right? Payment details, account name, etc. are still the same.

How could anyone mess that up?

Let us count the ways:

  • Not adding

    the new address to the database- You find out a few years later they still have the old address, even despite your filling in their form.

  • They take the new address and get it wrong.
  • They hit you with a service charge for the account update.
  • They hit you with some other unexpected charge you knew nothing about.

These very basic, very annoying things can happen when you. This is a moving checklist of possible issues when you’re:

  • Modifying your account.
  • Changing your payment details.
  • Changing your method of payment.
  • Needing tech support, like home services- They go to the wrong address, have even your name wrong, and charge you a $120 callout fee you knew nothing about either.

If you’re having this sort of trouble with your ISP, you need a new ISP. Check out the options; ask about services, particularly their online services, so you can manage your account quickly and efficiently. You’ll see a big difference between the good and the bad ISPs.