If the hard work of moving is obvious enough, one thing is less obvious – The time factor. When you’re moving, time is at a premium. The more you can get done, and the quicker you can get it done, the easier the move is.

The simplest, and certainly the least stressful, approach is to start doing things and getting organised at least a month before the move.

Moving tips and tricks.

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A few examples:

  • Pack everything that you possibly can, systematically, and keep it stored away, accessible but not in the way.
  • Start early on your change of address notifications. Changes of address can keep you busy for weeks after you move, if you’re not careful.
  • Get your USPS change of address up and running ASAP. This is a quality control, allowing you to spend a little time keeping track of everybody you need to notify.
  • Organize your internet providers, utilities, and home services for your move as far in advance as dgfev online casino you can. (You may be surprised to learn that concierge services can actually do most of this for you, and get a discount for you as well. Do a little research in this area, because it can save significant money.)
  • If your new place is relatively close and accessible, when you get the keys, you can do a bit of preliminary moving beforehand. The idea here is to get the essentials into your new place so that they are available for you when you move. This can give you something as pleasant and simple as a cup of coffee while you’re unpacking, or simply save the trouble of lugging extra things around. Nobody likes dragging a number of boxes upstairs, only to find out that all of the contents actually go downstairs!

The bottom line – To avoid wearing yourself out and running yourself into the ground, spread the work out over the time period. It will be worth it. Also, instead of wasting your time with things like spending hours on each and every option for internet, let someone else take care of that and focus on the more important things, like figuring out where to put your mattress so that you can get some sleep tonight!