Are you making a move across town or around the world? If so, there are plenty of things for you to think about. From shipping your belongings to making sure that you have the proper documentation filed with the right government authorities, it may seem like everything is going to plan. If you’re lucky, then your movers have arrived on time and haven’t damaged any of your furniture yet!

Even with everything going smoothly, you may want to double check your moving checklist, as there is one thing that you are likely leaving off your list. Don’t feel bad, as this is often the most forgotten task during any major move: changing your address!


While it may seem like an insignificant thing to do, a USPS change of address is possibly one of the most important. Even if you operate entirely online, getting all your bills and other documentation electronically, the fact remains that many important documents are still sent via the postal
service. The last thing that you want is for your lawyer, tax preparer, or other important entity in your life to send your personal information to the new residents in your home or apartment.

The best case scenario is that they contact you and get your mail to the right place, but the worst case can range from them opening your mail accidentally and seeing something that they shouldn’t to them discarding an important document. The second option could result in stiff penalties, major problems down the line, or even identity theft if found by the wrong person.

It may not be fair to assume that your change of address checklist item is the most important in every move, but leaving it off your list accidentally has the potential to cause major problems in isolated cases. These problems can be so time consuming and stressful, not to mention costly, that it’s safer to simply change your address in the first place. The ‘it can’t happen to me’ argument only works until something does happen to you.

The next time that you move, make sure to be safe and protect your personal information by telling the USPS that you have changed your address. It’s the best thing to do to protect your personal information, and as a result you will often get money-saving offers like TV bundles that can save you hundreds of dollars per year!