Are Service Bundles Really Cheaper?bundle services

When being showered with offers and promotions to upgrade your home services to a Bundle Service, it can be hard to make the decision whether it’s worth it or not.  These bundles or “Triple Play” can end up saving a lot of money. On the other hand, it may not be worth it, depending on the use of TV, phone, internet and different TV providers and  phone and internet providers.

It’s important to do research. There is no general rule that bundle services are better for everyone or not worth it for anyone. Everyone needs to determine if it’s cheaper than what they are currently paying for all three services. To start compare the prices of the bundle service to what each individual service currently costs. If those bills are significantly less than the bundle service offer, then stick with what is currently being used. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.  However, if  individual service bills are higher, then most definitely consider Triple Play.

When weighing out options for Triple Play, you need to identify your needs. This can save  money in the long run. Consider if a land line is even necessary. Majority of calls are made via cell phones these days. If the need for a land line is obsolete, not only is Triple Play  not needed but  individual service bills are down by a third. If you would like to go ahead with Triple Play, look at the details that may end up costing  more. Is caller ID necessary?  If only checking mail is the main use and there are rarely downloads of large media files,  is such a large amount of internet data needed?  Are you paying for TV channels you don’t utilize? These things can make  Triple Play way more costly that what is initially thought. Determine  and break down needs and then find a bundle service that matches.

Always ask for a breakdown of a Triple Play plan and look for unmentioned fees… What is a flashy offer at the beginning can turn into a large increase in fees mid contract and then you may not have saved the money you planned.

There are other pros and cons to service bundling.  A very significant pro is that dealing with one company means one bills for all your services and only one contract. This is great for when dealing with your finances or customer service, especially if you are happy with your service bundle provider. However if you are unhappy with your provider, you are relying on them for all your TV,internet and phone needs. This can be extremely frustrating and you may not be able to break your contract without colossal fees.

When looking at Triple Play remember that with single services,  specifics that cater to your needs best are able to be chosen. You can choose channels you watch, data you use and phone rates you need. Bundled services do not allow that flexibility. It is a package deal and the individual prices may be slightly higher but they could be more beneficial. Bundle service providers may also have great rates for Internet and TV but then fall short in the phone category. It’s possible that they may not excel at all services and then the money your potentially saving may not be worth it for 1/3 shoddy service. Look into your internet options.

Remember to shop around for quotes at numerous providers. Find service providers that will help you with what you need and not sell you a generic package. Bundle services are likely cheaper than individual but may not always be worth it. Looks at your prices and requirements and find a Triple Play provider who not only has what you need but for an amount that’s worth it.

Kandela is also available for all these questions and research when needed. We can provide you with a personal concierge free of charge, who will listen to your needs, weigh your options and help you find the best bundle service that’s worth it for you and your households needs.