Whether you are making a move or you simply want to change your cable TV provider, switching to a satellite option like DirecTV can be a great choice. Unlike cable companies, DirecTV can be installed in your home quickly. With traditional cable providers, you have to worry about someone coming out to lay cable, a process that may take weeks or months. On top of their ability to quickly install a dish onto your home, they also offer a number of extras in their bundle packages that other traditional cable providers simply aren’t able to compete with.


DirecTV bundles come with everything that you normally think of when looking to buy a bundle: cable, internet, and phone service. On top of that, they also have plenty of great options for adding movie channels and other essentials to your service. If you are a football fan, then you will love NFL Sunday Ticket, the premier NFL package in the country; also a subscription that is only available on DirecTV.

Getting a great deal on these bundles is simple; all that you have to do is visit the DirecTV website. If you want to get an even better deal, there are a few other things that you can do as well.

Did you know that when you submit a USPS change of address, they mail you plenty of offers for things like DirecTV? These offers often include deals that you might not find by just visiting their website. If you have made a move and are looking to change your cable service as a result, then having these deals when you walk in the door to your new home is essential. Make sure that you fill out your change of address checklist early, and you could be getting a great TV package out of the deal.

Even if you don’t need to move, you can often find a great deal on home services like DirecTV. Give them a call today and find out what offers they have that might not be on their website yet.