Spring is coming and now is the time to de-clutter your home! De-cluttering isn’t reserved for those who have had a recent USPS change of address – anyone can do it if they remained organized and set up a plan. Below, you will find 15 easy ways to clear clutter from your home:

1) Clean out your closets and organize them.

2) After cleaning out your closets, sort through what you wear and what you don’t wear. Donate what you don’t wear anymore.

3) Go out and buy containers for items that are loosely scattered across your household.

4) Empty out your junk drawers. Go through them and eliminate what you don’t need.

5) Organize the papers that are laying around your house – receipts, bills, junk mail. Recycle what you don’t need and place the important papers in folders.

6) Remove anything from under your bed that may have been shoved there or fallen there.

7)Go into your storage space and throw away/sort through any holiday decorations. Decorations tend to pile up throughout the years.

8) Sort through any movies you do not watch and books that you do not read. Donate them to charity.

9) Oftentimes, people try to hold on to appliances that they think they can repair. If you’re holding onto something that hasn’t been repaired and is in pretty bad shape. Trash it. It’s just taking up space.

10) Throw away magazines that you’ve already read! Magazines tend to pile up pretty quickly. If you’ve read it, trash it.

11) Donate any gently used toys that your children do not use anymore.

12) Throw out any plastic containers or Tupperware that have lost their lids.

13) Dispose of any expired chemicals or paint. There’s no need to keep that.

14) Trash any garden tools that are rusted.

15) Donate or throw away any shoes that are too small or worn-in.

Locking the Door

Kandela can help you de-clutter your home before Spring arrives. If you are looking for permanent or temporary storage for your items, we can help you find the perfect fit for your needs. Just give us a call, or submit an inquiry online, and we will be glad to help!